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The Outdoor Lighting category on is very diverse. In addition to lighting for the outside of house and garden, we also offer industrial lighting such as hall lighting or floodlights.


Kent Leuchten Outdoor Lighting Categories are:

- Street lights: Suitable for sidewalks, gardens, but also traffic roads and footpaths.

- İn-Ground-Lighting: With Kent floor lights for outdoor use, you can optimally illuminate the garden, but also other outdoor spaces and ensure a beautiful appearance and safety in the dark.

- Wall lights: Set subtle accents with our LED wall lights for outdoor use to create an inviting atmosphere.

- Recessed lights: Chic and high-quality LED recessed lights for outdoor use can be found in this category.

- Recessed ceiling lights: Kent lights LED recessed ceiling lights are in great demand outdoors. They ensure safety, especially in the dark, and deter potential dangers.

- Facade Lighting: Let your building shine in the perfect light by choosing Kent Luminaires facade lights. We would be happy to advise you individually and look for the most suitable LED facade lighting for you.

- Hall lighting: You can take a closer look at this category for lighting larger rooms. We are sure that there is the right product for you.

- Floodlights: LED floodlights / projectors are generally used to set accents and provide targeted lighting. You can see all lights and lamps with a Kent light guarantee in this category.

- Path lights / bollard lights: To illuminate the garden or similar outdoor areas, you are exactly right with Kent lights. They will not only illuminate optimally but also decorate very attractively at the same time. We offer you a very diverse range. And we guarantee you premium service / advice and high-quality lighting products at fair prices.

Enjoy the advantages of LED lights and lamps:

-        Handmade products, therefore very high quality and precision

-        Long lifetime

–       optimal light source

-        Healthier than regular lighting

–        low maintenance

–        Easy commissioning and installation


Choose Kent Leuchten and feel the difference! Our lamps and lights are characterized by quality, design and durability. We do our best to determine the needs of our customers and cater accordingly.

With over 25 years of experience in the lighting industry, we have expertise that can be applied to all areas.

Talk to us about automation integrations such as DALİ, Casambi, Bluetooth, Wlan, Zigbee or similar. systems on. We are happy to integrate these if the need arises.

We are at your disposal at any time for queries or general questions.

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