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Indoor Lighting Products

Indoor lighting is one of the basic needs of everyday life. Be it at work, in apartments or in any other space: optimal and correct lighting is important. Kent Leuchten offers you energy-efficient and long-lasting indoor lighting at fair prices.

You can use our lights and lamps in the indoor lighting category both in the private and in the commercial sector.


Thanks to the use of LEDs, our lights and lamps are very durable and require no maintenance. The installation is also not complex and can be done in a few small steps.


Kent Leuchten offers you very easy access to the entire range of luminaires at Here you can complete your order in a few simple steps and order the lamp you want.


Please contact us for remote control options such as DALİ, Casambi, Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth. We are happy to integrate this and similar automation systems into most products. You can also contact us at any time for technical or general questions. We look forward to you!


Our indoor lighting categories are as follows:

- Project lights

- Magnetic LED track lights

- COB recessed lights

- 3-phase track spotlight

- Pendant lights & hanging lamps

- LED table lamps

- Rechargeable LED table lamps

- LED ceiling lights

- LED floor lamps

- LED wall lights

- Ottoman and Oriental lights

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