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Sorento dr light

The story of Dr-Light, connecting light with the needs of the industry, aesthetic priorities, and technology...

Dr-Light®: 70 years of experience in lighting design

Dr-Light® was founded in the 1950s by Ohan Dülgar and has evolved into an established lighting brand in Turkey.

Under the leadership of Agop Dülgar, the brand combines traditional craftsmanship with modern production methods, offering aesthetic lighting designs.

Since the 1980s, Dr-Light® has been a leader in projects, manufacturing high-quality lighting solutions.

With the Şişli Showroom, the brand has emphasized its presence in the "Professional Retail" sector.

The central workshop in Hasköy produces according to international standards. Dr-Light®'s mission is to make design high-quality and accessible.

Under the leadership of Agop Dülgar, the influence of Dr-Light® is continuously expanding, both nationally and internationally.

Leather Manufacturing

The leather undergoes vegetable tanning, one of the oldest and most natural methods, using flower essences.

Subsequently, the leather is dyed with water-based colors.

The intricate leather crafting and artistic saddle stitching are crafted by the hands of leatherworkers.

The handmade 'leather', limited by craftsmanship techniques, adds a touch of exclusivity and brightness to your spaces, embodying a luxurious, bohemian style.

dr light gladia Pendant
DR Light Brutus pendant light
DR Light Wild Pendant, leather
DR Light Gladia Floor Floor Lamp
Intorno Ceiling Pendelleuchte von DR Light

Copper Manufacturing

The luminaire body is shaped from copper by the patient hands of its craftsmen.

Its interpretation adds light to the lively and warm color tone of copper, bringing a sense of modernity to tradition.

With its unique design, copper reflects your style in your spaces.

handmade DR Light Belbo Mat Pendant
handmade DR Light Floor Lamp Intorno Floor
exclusive DR Light Placas Wall Wall Lmap
Intorno Wall Platin Wall Lamp by DR Light
DR Light Orient Pendelleuchte aus mundgeblasenem Glas



It was crafted to achieve its precise and artistic form.

Organic colors were carefully chosen for its painting.

Its luminosity and allure were further enhanced through the technique of overglaze painting.

Glass completes your spaces entirely with its soft and sparkling charm.

DR Light Orient Table Table Lamp made of mouthblown glass
DR Light Drop Pendant
DR Light Trieste Glass Pendant
DR Light Balloon pendant light
handgemachte DR Light Campanas Pendelleuchte



The pure brass material was handed to the craftsman for his precise craftsmanship.

It transformed into bronze and gold through embossing and hammering in the patient hands.

Brass imparts a brilliance to your spaces through the superb interpretation of craftsmanship and contemporary design.

DR Light Campana Wall handmade from brass
DR Light Campanas Pendant, handmade
DR Light Ottoman exclusive Pendant
DR Light Pac Pendant handmade
handmade Grappolo Wall C Wall Lamp by DR Light


The grape, which has been a symbol of prosperity and fertility since ancient times, now emerges as a source of inspiration with its decorative form.

The brass material is crafted by the hands of the artisan in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship.

DR Light Grappolo Ceiling Pendant handmade
DR Light Grappolo Ceiling exclusively on
Grappolo Wall C handmade wall lamp from DR Light
DR Light Grappolo Floor floor lamp handmade from brass

Heaven Table

Story of Heaven

At first, there was darkness

when a play of light began between

the sky and the earth

lit up the 6 continents one by one.

Here's Heaven. The gates of paradise.

The rays of light seeping through the clouds.

A holy light. The start of life.

Innocent. Pure and full of hope.

Story of Stardust

The harmonious dance of stardust

winking towards the night.

Magical. Full of unknowns.

A brilliant music of the night

that whispers the secrets of the universe.

Story of Wisdom

Light of knowledge. That brings together all…

Gathers memories all under the same roof

and encompasses all of humanity with its deep teachings.

Story of Sagrado

Holy. Forgiving. Peaceful.

Connecting the past and the future.

Pieta Table


Pieta Floor

Pieta Ceiling

Story of Pieta

Compassionate. Full of love. Embracing.


A reminder that we are all under the same dome and

taking everyone under its wing.

Story of Horizon

Undiscovered. Exciting.

The reflection of the sun on glass

Setting one sail towards great lessons, great teachings.

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