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  • What is the procedure after placing an order?
    1. Your order is being approved. 2. Your order is being placed in the production line. After manufacturing the product, your order is being packed carefully. 3. After choosing the best shipping metjod for you, your order is being sent to you. During this period, our customer relations team is providing you all steps and information. So you are always up-to-date.
  • İ chose a product, but İ need technical support!
    Please contact us. Our team would be glad to support and help you.
  • Can İ change an approved order?
    As we give high importance to fast and organized procedure flow, we have no chance to make changes on approved orders.
  • How long is the delivery time?
    After your order has been approved, our delivery time is max 2-3 weeks. For special projects or orders this might change.
  • İ chose a product but the measurements don't fit to the area İ want to use it.
    As we are manufacturers, we can make changes on the product as you wish. İf you want to make changes on the light colour, body colour and the product measurements, it will be sufficient to contact us.
  • İ want to place an order from Europe. How much will be charged for shipping?
    Within Europe we are shipping for free. Kentleuchten is paying the costs for shipping.
  • How can İ return a delivered product?
    You can return a delivered product without making any comment within 14 days. Before sending the product back to us, you will have to contact our customer relations, to get a return barcode. After that, you can easily send the product back to us. For custommade products, we unfortunately cannot accept a return.
  • Do you have a catalogue?
    As we are daily renewing and editing our products, we do not have a catalogue. You can view all available products on our website. İf you have any product suggestions, please share them with us.
  • Where can I find a complete pricelist of your products?
    You can download the pricelist PDF, after you register on our website.
  • How can I give feedback?
    Your opinion and your comments are very important to us. You can use Whatsapp or our communication form to share them with us.
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