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Germany’s Round of 16 Thriller at Euro 2024: A Battle Against the Elements


In a dramatic round of 16 match at UEFA Euro 2024, the German national team faced not only their opponent, Denmark, but an unexpected adversary: the weather. Here’s a look back at a game that will go down in history.

A Match That Offered More Than Just Football The game started under normal conditions, but it soon became clear that this would be an evening full of surprises. In the 35th minute, the match was interrupted due to a severe thunderstorm with lightning, thunder, and heavy rain. The safety of the players and fans was paramount, leading to a mandatory 25-minute break.

The Fans Remain Unshaken

Despite the interruption, the over 60,000 fans in the stadium did not let their spirits dampen. Chants like “Oh, how beautiful this is” echoed through the stadium as fans waited patiently for the game to resume. Some even danced in the rain, while others protected themselves from the deluge with flags.

The German Team Shows Character

After the break, the players returned to the field and continued the game. The German team, led by head coach Julian Nagelsmann, showed character and fought their way back into the match. Despite the challenging conditions, the team managed to maintain control and win the game.

A Victory That Will Be Remembered

In the end, it was a victory that will be remembered not just for the result, but also for the adverse circumstances. Germany thus advanced to the quarter-finals of a major tournament for the first time since 2016 and will now face a strong opponent in the next match.


Yesterday’s match was proof that football is sometimes more than just a game. It’s a battle against all odds, whether it’s the opponent on the field or the weather. The German national team has shown that they are ready to take on any fight.