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Lighting tips for small rooms: How to optimally illuminate narrow spaces and make them appear larger

Beleuchtungstipps für kleine Räume: Wie man enge Räume optimal beleuchtet und größer wirken lässt

Small rooms can sometimes seem cramped and dark. However, clever lighting can work wonders and make small rooms appear larger, brighter and more open.

This article will give you valuable lighting tips on how to optimally design narrow spaces and make them more inviting with the right lighting.

Bright colors and light reflection:

Start with a light color scheme for the walls and ceilings of the room. Light colors reflect light better and make the room appear wider and more open. Combine this with clever lighting to boost the brightness. Choose ceiling lights or wall lights with light-colored lampshades or glass covers to distribute light evenly.

Sufficient general lighting:

Even general lighting is crucial in small spaces to minimize shadows and keep the space bright and inviting. Use LED ceiling lights or ceiling spotlights to distribute light evenly throughout the room and avoid dark corners.

Indirect lighting for an elegant atmosphere:

Indirect lighting is a great way to illuminate small spaces in an elegant way. Use LED strips or LED tapes hidden behind furniture, shelves or in wall niches to create a soft and cozy atmosphere. Indirect light creates pleasant background lighting and makes the room appear larger.

Space-saving lights:

In small rooms it is important to choose lights that do not take up too much space. Opt for slim and space-saving lights such as pendant lights with slim lampshades or wall lamps that can be mounted directly on the wall. This leaves more space for other furniture and decorations.

Mirror and mirror lighting:

Mirrors are an excellent trick to visually enlarge small rooms. They reflect the existing light and make the room appear wider. Combine mirrors with targeted mirror lighting to create an additional light source and make the room even brighter.


With the right lighting tips, you can transform tight spaces into a cozy and inviting environment. Choose light colors, provide sufficient general lighting and use indirect lighting to create an elegant atmosphere. Space-saving lights and cleverly placed mirrors can visually enlarge the room and ensure a pleasant perception of space.

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