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Magnetic track lighting: the ultimate guide

step by step

When it comes to stylish and functional room lighting, you should definitely consider magnetic track lighting!

In this blog post, I'll explain how this unique lighting system works.

What is magnetic track lighting?

Magnetic track lighting is a low-voltage system for interior lighting.

It consists of an assembly that can hold various light sources while utilising magnetic attraction.

These lighting systems are available in different lengths and sizes and offer a flexible solution for customised interior design.

What makes magnetic track lighting so special?

  1. Tool-free movement of the luminaires: The entire system allows the luminaires to be adjusted without tools. No annoying screws or mounting materials - simply use the clip-on magnet and change the position of the luminaires as required.

  2. Efficient installation: Thanks to the clip-on magnet, the installation of magnetic track lighting is extremely efficient. No time-consuming installation steps - simply attach the track and position the lights.

  3. Versatility: The magnetic track lighting is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether in the living room, shop or office - the flexible application options make it a popular choice.

How does the installation work?

  1. Steel channel on the wall: The system uses a steel channel fixed in the wall. This serves as a mounting point for the lights.

  2. Clip-on magnets: The luminaires are attached to the track with a clip-on magnet. This makes it easy to adjust and move the light sources.

  3. Even distribution: Magnetic track lighting is ideal for evenly distributed lighting. Whether as ambient lighting or for functional lighting - the flexible positioning is a major advantage.

References and conclusion

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