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Why good lighting is important!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

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Light is not only a physical phenomenon, but also an essential factor for our well-being, our health and our performance. Light influences our biorhythm, our mood, our concentration and our creativity. That is why it is important that we surround ourselves with good lighting that meets our needs and requirements. In this text you will learn why good lighting is important and how you can optimally design it in your home or workplace.

Why is good lighting important for our well-being? Good lighting is important for our well-being, because it creates a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere that relaxes and makes us happy. Good lighting means that we have enough light to see our environment clearly, but not too much to be dazzled or overstimulated. Good lighting also means that we have the right light for the right situation, that matches our time of day, our activity and our mood. Good lighting finally means that we can adjust the light individually to meet our personal preferences and needs.

How can we achieve good lighting in our home or workplace? To achieve good lighting in our home or workplace, we should follow some basic principles that help us to use and design the light optimally. Here are some tips that you can follow: Use the natural daylight as much as possible, by not covering the windows, opening the curtains and arranging the furniture so that they reflect or distribute the light. The natural daylight is the best light source that we have, because it provides us with vitamin D, regulates our biorhythm and lifts our mood. Complement the natural daylight with artificial light, that you choose according to the room, function and style. You should combine different types of lamps, that provide you with general, accentuated and task-related lighting. The general lighting ensures a uniform and bright illumination of the room, the accentuated lighting highlights certain areas or objects and the task-related lighting supports you in your specific visual tasks. Choose the right light color, that matches your time of day, your activity and your mood. The light color is measured in Kelvin and ranges from warm white (below 3300 K) to cold white (above 5300 K). Warm white light is cozy and relaxing, cold white light is activating and concentration-enhancing. You can also use colored light to create different effects or moods. Use dimmable lamps, that allow you to regulate the brightness of the light according to your wish. Dimming the light helps you to save energy, reduce glare and change the atmosphere. You can also use smart lamps, that you can control with a remote control, a smartphone or a voice control. Pay attention to the quality and safety of the lamps that you buy. You should choose lamps that are made of high-quality materials, have a good light output, have a long lifespan and do not contain harmful substances. You should also choose lamps that comply with the applicable standards and regulations, have the right protection class and are installed professionally.

Where can you buy good lighting?

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Good lighting is important for our well-being, our health and our performance. Good lighting means that we use and design the light optimally to make our environment pleasant and harmonious. Good lighting also means that we can adjust the light individually to meet our personal preferences and needs. If you want to achieve good lighting in your home or workplace, then take a look at the offer from Kent Leuchten on . You will surely be impressed by the quality, the service and the price. We hope you enjoyed this text and that you will visit us again soon. Until next time!