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Why Kent Leuchten is the right choice for your lighting

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

pendant lamp kent leuchten

The world of lamps is diverse and often confusing.

Why should you choose Kent Leuchten?

Here are some convincing reasons:

  1. Quality and expertise

Professionalism: At Kent Leuchten, experienced professionals in the lighting industry work closely with you to create an optimal lighting experience. We listen to your ideas and wishes and turn them into customized solutions.

Handcrafted uniqueness: Our lamps are almost all handmade to order. We use only LED technology to ensure high-quality light sources. Each lamp is unique and not stock.

  1. Tradition and innovation

International know-how: Our international team keeps us technically up to date. We combine modern manufacturing techniques with traditional craftsmanship. For specific lamps, we rely on proven methods such as glass blowing or hand forging.

Certified partners and components: Our quality standards are guaranteed by our certified manufacturing partners and high-quality components. We work with well-known companies to offer you the best.

  1. Your exclusive lighting experience

Individual consultation: At Kent Leuchten, it’s not just about products, but about a holistic experience. We advise you individually and find the perfect solution for your rooms.

Durability and aesthetics: Our lamps are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. They are an investment in the future and give your rooms a timeless charm.

Conclusion: Kent Leuchten - Your partner for high-quality lighting

Choose Kent Leuchten and experience the quality, tradition and personal care that we offer. Your rooms deserve the best - Kent Leuchten makes it possible. Check out our entire range at