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Casambi Smart Home Control: What it is and how it works

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

casambi smart home control

Smart Home is a term that stands for the networking and control of intelligent devices in your home. With Smart Home, you can control the light, the heating, the music or the security by voice command, smartphone, tablet or remote control. You can also create scenarios that run automatically, such as turning on the coffee machine in the morning, dimming the light in the evening or closing the shutters at sunset. You can also access your Smart Home from anywhere, to see if everything is okay, or to change settings.

There are different ways how you can control your Smart Home. One of them is the Casambi Smart Home control. Casambi is a user-friendly light control system that allows you to control all lights that are equipped with a Casambi module via an app or a light switch. You can dim or adjust the light depending on the light or lamp type. You can also create color accents, light scenes or light animations and save them. Casambi works without additional wiring and is compatible with other smart systems like Alexa or Google Home.

How does Casambi Smart Home control work?

Casambi Smart Home control is based on the Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which enables wireless data transmission with low power consumption. Casambi forms a mesh network, which means that the devices are not only connected to a central hub or gateway, but also to each other. Each device can act as a router and forward the data from other devices. This increases the range and the reliability of the network. Casambi can support up to 250 devices in a network, which can be divided into different groups.

Casambi distinguishes three types of devices:

Module: This is the device that connects the light or the device (e.g. roller shutter or ohmic consumer) to the network. There are different modules for different applications, such as dimmers, switches, sensors or LED strips.

Switch: This is the device that controls the light or the device manually. There are different switches, such as wall switches, remote controls or buttons.

App: This is the device that controls the light or the device via a free app. The app is available for iOS and Android and allows an easy and intuitive operation.

To integrate a Casambi device into your Smart Home, you first have to connect it to the network. This process is called pairing or joining. The devices exchange information such as the network ID, the device address, the security key and the supported functions. After that, you can control, configure or automate the device via the app or the switch.

What are the advantages of Casambi Smart Home control?

Casambi Smart Home control has some advantages that you should consider:

Casambi is easy to install and use. You don’t need any additional hardware or installation to use Casambi. You only need the devices that you want to control, and the app or the switch that you want to use for it. The setup and operation of the app is very simple and intuitive.

Casambi is energy efficient and reliable. Casambi devices consume very little power, as they only send or receive data when needed. This allows battery-powered devices to last for a long time without replacement. Casambi also saves energy by adjusting the lighting, the heating or the air conditioning to the presence, the time of day or the outside temperature. Casambi is also reliable, as it forms a mesh network that is self-healing and self-organizing. This means that if a communication path fails, another path in the network is automatically used.

Casambi is compatible and flexible. Casambi is an open standard that is supported by many manufacturers and brands. Casambi also offers different profiles that are optimized for different application areas, such as Casambi Light Link, Casambi Home Automation or Casambi Green Power. Casambi is also compatible with other smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. Casambi is also flexible, as you can add or remove new devices at any time without affecting the network.

How can you integrate Casambi Smart Home Control into your smart home?

If you want to integrate Casambi Smart Home Control into your smart home, you need some components that you can find at Kent Leuchten. Kent Leuchten has an online shop that offers handmade lights for indoor and outdoor use that are compatible with Casambi. You can choose from different models, materials, colors and sizes to create your perfect light. All lights are equipped with high-quality LED bulbs. You can also bring in your own wishes and ideas to create a unique light.

Kent Leuchten has a large selection of Casambi lights for every taste and need, which you can view at

Whether you are looking for a light for your living room, your bedroom, your office or your business, you will find it at Kent Leuchten. An example of a beautiful and practical Casambi light is theOlivia Ceiling | Kent Leuchten Pendant Light, which you can order in different colors and sizes. This light is ideal for lighting kitchens, dining rooms or hallways. It has a minimalist and elegant design that matches any style of decoration. It is also dimmable and controllable with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

To integrate a Casambi light from Kent Leuchten into your smart home, you also need a Casambi module that connects the light to the network. This module is integrated in the light or can be purchased separately. You also need a Casambi app or a Casambi switch, which you need to control the light. The app is free in the App Store or the Google Play Store. The switch is a wireless wall switch, a remote control or a button that can be paired with the light.


Casambi Smart Home Control is a simple and popular way to network and control your smart home with intelligent devices. You can benefit from many advantages, such as comfort, energy efficiency, security and entertainment. You can control your smart home with your smartphone, your tablet, your voice or your hand gesture. You can design and customize your smart home according to your wishes and needs. If you want to control your smart home with Casambi, then take a look at the offer from Kent Leuchten at You will surely be impressed by the quality, the service and the price. We hope you enjoyed this text and that you will visit us again soon. Until next time!

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