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Smart Home - let the future in!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

smart home kent leuchten

Smart Home is more than just a trend. It is a revolution that makes our lives easier, more comfortable and safer. With Smart Home, we can network our home with intelligent devices that communicate with each other and respond to our needs and wishes. We can, for example, control the light, the heating, the music or the security by voice command, smartphone, tablet or remote control. We can also create scenarios that run automatically, such as turning on the coffee machine in the morning, dimming the light in the evening or closing the shutters at sunset. We can also access our Smart Home from anywhere, to see if everything is okay, or to change settings.

Smart Home offers us many advantages that we do not want to miss. Here are some of them:

Smart Home saves energy and money. By adjusting the lighting, the heating or the air conditioning to the presence, the time of day or the outside temperature, we can reduce the energy consumption and protect the environment. We can also monitor and optimize the power consumption of our devices, to lower the electricity bill.

Smart Home increases the comfort and the well-being. By individually designing the lighting, the music or the room temperature, we can create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere that relaxes and makes us happy. We can also measure and improve the air quality, the humidity or the CO2 level, to live healthier. Smart Home improves the security and the privacy. By installing cameras, motion detectors, smoke detectors or door sensors, we can protect our home from burglaries, fires or other dangers. We can also receive notifications, if something unusual happens, or record images and videos, to have evidence. We can also remotely control our shutters, windows or doors, to protect our home from curious eyes.

Smart Home promotes the entertainment and the creativity. By networking the TV, the speaker, the game console or the computer, we can turn our home into a multimedia center that provides us with movies, music, games or internet. We can also design our lighting, our music or our pictures with different colors, effects or patterns, to express our personality.

How can you make your home smart?

It is easier than you think. You only need some smart devices that are connected to your WLAN or another wireless standard like Bluetooth, ZigBee or Z-Wave. You also need a central control that connects and coordinates all devices. This can be a smartphone, a tablet, a speaker or a hub. You also need an app or a software that allows you to operate, configure or automate the devices. This can be the manufacturer app, a third-party app or a voice assistant like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. If you are looking for high-quality and individual Smart Home devices, then you are at the right place at Kent Leuchten. Kent Leuchten has an online shop that offers handmade lighting for indoor and outdoor use, that are compatible with Smart Home. You can choose from different models, materials, colors and sizes, to design your perfect lighting. All lighting are equipped with high-quality LED light sources. You can also bring in your own wishes and ideas, to create a unique lighting. Kent Leuchten has a large selection of Smart Home lighting for every taste and every need, that you can see at No matter if you are looking for a lighting for your living room, your bedroom, your office or your business, at Kent Leuchten you will find it. An example of a beautiful and practical Smart Home lighting is the DR Light Pendelleuchten | Kent Leuchten, that you can order in different colors and sizes. This lighting is ideal for the illumination of kitchens, dining rooms or hallways. It has a minimalist and elegant design, that fits to any furnishing style. It is also dimmable and controllable with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Conclusion Smart Home is the future, that you can experience today. With Smart Home, you can network your home with intelligent devices, that offer you energy, comfort, security and entertainment. You can control your home with your smartphone, your tablet, your voice or your hand movement. You can design and adapt your home according to your wishes and needs. If you want to make your home smart, then have a look at the offer of Kent Lighting at You will surely be amazed by the quality, the service and the price. We hope that you liked this text and that you will come back soon. Until next time!

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