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The Excitement Builds: Upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 Matches Preview


The UEFA Euro 2024 is moving into its next phase, and football fans can look forward to a week filled with exciting encounters. Here’s a preview of the matches that will take place in the coming week.

Saturday, June 29

  • Switzerland vs. Italy - After their surprising 2-0 victory over Italy in Berlin, Switzerland is looking forward to the challenges ahead with optimism.

  • Germany vs. Denmark - Germany will face Denmark in Dortmund at 9 PM, in a game that promises to thrill the fans.

Sunday, June 30

  • England vs. Slovakia - In Gelsenkirchen at 6 PM, England will face Slovakia, a match that is sure to cause a stir.

  • Spain vs. Georgia - Spain will meet Georgia in Cologne at 9 PM, in a game that is seen as a pivotal moment for both teams.

Monday, July 1

  • France vs. Belgium - A classic duel of European football giants will take place in Düsseldorf at 6 PM.

  • Portugal vs. Slovenia - Portugal, the 2016 champions, will meet Slovenia in Frankfurt at 9 PM, in a game that promises much excitement.

Tuesday, July 2

  • Romania vs. Netherlands - Romania will face the Netherlands in Munich at 6 PM, a game that is seen as a real test for both teams.

  • Austria vs. Turkey - In Leipzig at 9 PM, Austria will take on Turkey, in a game that fans should not miss.


The upcoming week at UEFA Euro 2024 offers a plethora of matches that have the potential to be unforgettable. Each team will try to prove its strength and move one step closer to the tournament victory goal. Don’t miss the action and stay tuned for more updates and analysis.

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